Landscaping Around Your Unit

Your HVAC unit is great. It keeps your home the perfect temperature, cool or warm as needed. Maybe it’s not too noisy, and hopefully, it doesn’t need any work other than regular maintenance. But there is one problem: it’s ugly. More specifically, the outdoor compressor/condenser section of the unit sticks out against your landscape, and […]

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Common HVAC Myths Debunked

Everyone wants to save a few extra dollars on the energy bill, but following all those tips and tricks can actually cost you more money. Do thorough research before trying to reduce your bill, and make sure you’re not falling for some common misconceptions about heating and cooling. Check out these HVAC myths and how […]

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Keeping Cool at Summer Gatherings

Your lawn is trimmed to perfection. The mosquitoes have been successfully defeated (for now). It’s a sunny day out, and your summer gathering is almost here. But one problem remains: how to keep you and your guests cool? Consider some of these tips and tricks to try and beat the heat: Utilize shade If you […]

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Weather and Your Energy Bill

Warmer months are here to stay, but it won’t be long before leaves start dropping. As the weather changes, so can your energy bill. It seems obvious that extreme temperatures have an impact, but other weather conditions can also cause your bill to spike. Heating and cooling units struggle to combat the sudden drops in […]

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Ideal Thermostat Settings for your Life

If you’ve been setting your thermostat to one temperature and leaving it there, you could be wasting money and energy according to Energy Star. Check out each of the ideal thermostat settings for these common situations: Cooling Try to keep your home anywhere from 70 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. The most energy-saving temperature is 78 […]

summer weather

A History of Air Conditioning

The dog days of summer are here, which means so is the scorching heat and sticky humidity. Air conditioning is our trusted friend, shielding us from the swelter and comforting us after a long day’s work. To honor our trusty summer sidekick, we’d like to share some history. From World’s Fair to Central Air: What […]

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Pets and HVAC

For many of us, pets are one of the best parts of coming home every day! In order to keep your pets happy and come home to a comfortable house, here are a few tips to keep your HVAC running smoothly and your indoor air quality top notch. Tips Dander As every allergy sufferer knows, […]

summer weather

Is your HVAC ready for Summer?

The cold weather may finally be behind us and nothing but warm days lie ahead. Coming home after an extra hot and sunny day, the relief of feeling that first blast of cold air when you enter your house is almost magical. In order to keep your system in tip-top shape for sweltering summer heat, […]

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Energy Saving Tips While You Are on Vacation

When we leave for vacation, we usually focus most of our energy on packing and planning our trip but don’t spend enough time preparing our home for our absence. There are plenty of tips that help you save money while on vacation but there are some tips that can save you even more with your home. […]

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10 Best Tips to Save you Money on Your Electric Bill During the Summer

The seasons are changing and so is the cost of your utilities. Your electric and water bills skyrocket as your air conditioner begins to work harder and no one wants to be hit in the gut with a surprisingly expensive utility bill. There are some steps you can take to lower the monthly cost. 10 […]

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