summer weather

A History of Air Conditioning

The dog days of summer are here, which means so is the scorching heat and sticky humidity. Air conditioning is our trusted friend, shielding us from the swelter and comforting us after a long day’s work. To honor our trusty summer sidekick, we’d like to share some history. From World’s Fair to Central Air: What […]

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Pets and HVAC

For many of us, pets are one of the best parts of coming home every day! In order to keep your pets happy and come home to a comfortable house, here are a few tips to keep your HVAC running smoothly and your indoor air quality top notch. Tips Dander As every allergy sufferer knows, […]

summer weather

Is your HVAC ready for Summer?

The cold weather may finally be behind us and nothing but warm days lie ahead. Coming home after an extra hot and sunny day, the relief of feeling that first blast of cold air when you enter your house is almost magical. In order to keep your system in tip-top shape for sweltering summer heat, […]

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Energy Saving Tips While You Are on Vacation

When we leave for vacation, we usually focus most of our energy on packing and planning our trip but don’t spend enough time preparing our home for our absence. There are plenty of tips that help you save money while on vacation but there are some tips that can save you even more with your home. […]

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10 Best Tips to Save you Money on Your Electric Bill During the Summer

The seasons are changing and so is the cost of your utilities. Your electric and water bills skyrocket as your air conditioner begins to work harder and no one wants to be hit in the gut with a surprisingly expensive utility bill. There are some steps you can take to lower the monthly cost. 10 […]

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A Useful Checklist to Help You Transition from Winter to Spring

As the seasons change, the temperatures outside are getting warmer and dryer. Winter is melting away and spring is blooming. Transitioning from winter to spring is a process and it’s a good idea to check your home. Winter can cause more damage than you think it does and it’s good to inspect the physical appearance […]

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5 Tips to Save Money and Stay Comfortable During Winter

Nothing is more frustrating than paying the high cost of an energy bill, during the winter, just to be comfortable. Heating your home can be tricky because you need to turn up the heat in order to be comfortable but then you are hit with the shock of a high electric bill. If you find yourself […]

What is Included in Your Annual Tune-Up

When the season changes from one extreme to the other or your HVAC system begins acting up, the first thing that should come to mind is “when was my last tune-up?” Making sure to keep up with annual maintenance will keep your system running efficiently and keep you comfortable. When getting a full system check, it’s important to know what is […]

Losing Oil Heat and How to Turn It Back On

If your heat stops working on a cold night, never fear. Our Home Comfort Defense System provides you with 24-hour emergency service during the winter months. But before calling us for service, please remember there are many simple reasons that can cause your heat to stop working. Sometimes, you may even be able to fix the problem yourself. Here […]

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Fixing Uneven Heating and Cooling

  Are you ever walking around your home and you suddenly realize that one room is warmer than the other? Is an entire floor a drastically different temperature than another? If you answered yes to these questions, then you are dealing with uneven heating and cooling. This is a common problem that affects many people […]

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