summer weather

Cool for the Summer

The summer brings us some of the best memories and some of the most exciting trips of the year. However, with the summer fun comes the unbearable summer heat. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke, as well as car deaths from heat, are preventable and can be solved with these few tips. Stay indoors: although many […]

thermostat control

Man v. Woman v. Thermostat

Since the dawn of in-house temperature control, the idea of the most ideal temperature is something that varies from individual to individual. More specifically, the idea of “the perfect temperature” is something that tests even the strongest of relationships between men and women. Men have notoriously complained of temperatures being far too warm, while women […]

spring blossom pollen

What is your Indoor Air Quality?

On crazy hot days, it can be tempting to hide inside in the comfort of your air conditioning all day. However, you might want to be aware of what your home’s Indoor Air Quality is. In the past, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has listed indoor air pollution as one of the top risks to […]

Life Before AC

Nothing feels better after a hot day out in the sun than coming back inside to a nice air conditioned home. The feeling of the cool air on hot, sweaty skin gives an immediate sense of relief and helps us to remain comfortable and keep our cool. Nowadays, many of us take our air conditioning […]

summer weather

Simple Energy Conservation

When the summer heat is in full force and you can’t remember a time when you actually felt cool, it’s hard to care about energy usage. Just crank the AC until you can think straight again! But there are some energy saving tips out there that won’t force you to give up the icy cold […]

change air filters

What’s in a Filter

Anyone who has an HVAC system knows three things to be true of air filters: Remembering to change them is tough Remembering what size you’re supposed to get when you’re at the store is impossible Understanding the difference between one brand of filter and another is a lost cause We’re here to help you with […]

Doors Open or Closed

Many have debated the virtues of the door-open and door-closed strategies when it comes to HVAC efficiency. Logic may dictate that closing a room off means your system won’t have to work to cool it and therefore will save you energy. This is not the case. Even if you close the door and the vents […]

summer weather

How to make sure your HVAC is ready for Summer

In summer, your home should be a cool reprieve from the heat and, as long as your system is working well, it will be. In order to keep your system in tip-top shape for sweltering summer heat, follow these tips. Replace Your Filters – Clean, unclogged filters allow your system to run at its most […]

Spring Cleaning Your HVAC

Most people, with the exception of Danny Tanner on Full House, do not look at the task of cleaning and get excited. However, spring cleaning is just a fact of life and one that helps us transition our homes from winter chill to warm weather readiness. Top Reasons Why Your HVAC System Should Be Part Of […]

spring blossom pollen

Spring Allergens in Your Home

Spring just started, which means that pollen and other common allergens will be invading very soon. For anyone who has ever experienced the symptoms of allergies, this is not good news. While many people retreat to the safety of the indoors when the pollen count is at its highest, the indoors can actually be an […]

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